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Peach Physique Spa is dedicated to providing a relaxing, safe, luxurious, private, and comfortable environment to cater to all your skincare needs and desires. As the largest organ of the body, the skin plays a crucial role in our overall health and well-being, just like any other vital organ.

In the aesthetics industry, the focus often leans heavily towards facial skincare, neglecting the importance of caring for the entire body, which is all encased within the same essential organ.

Peach Physique aims to shift the spotlight, offering care not only for the face but also for the entire body, alongside promoting internal health and wellness. We believe these elements are all interconnected and equally important. True beauty transcends mere physical appearance.

Beyond indulging in self-care through our spa services and ambiance, we also strive to provide resources and support to aid in partnering with you and boosting mental health. I have always championed the belief that both external beauty services and internal health and wellness practices play significant roles in promoting positive mental well-being. However, internal beauty holds the most significant value.

Peach Physique Spa embraces a holistic approach to beauty, recognizing that it radiates outward from within. We remain committed to continuously evolving, offering a space and services that support the journey of both internal and external beauty.


Owner and Advanced esthetician at Peach Physique Spa.

Abigail is passionate about helping clients achieve transformative skin results. She specializes in head-to-toe skin revision, body contouring, and sculpting, using the most effective, natural approaches available.

Her commitment to clients goes beyond the treatment room. She continuously researches and invests in advanced training to ensure she offers the latest and most effective services. This dedication allows her to create personalized treatment plans that target your unique needs and goals.

At Peach Physique Spa, Abigail utilizes only the highest-quality products combined with intentional techniques to deliver noticeable results.  She believes in the power of natural beauty and empowers her clients to feel confident and radiant in their own skin.

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